About Us


Lawyer Hints, a Bangladeshi law firm, offers solution-oriented legal services to its clients. Comprising young, dynamic lawyers, our team possesses a solid understanding of the law and aims to deliver top-notch and cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ objectives.

We conduct thorough legal research on complex issues, drawing from both traditional and contemporary legal resources. Specializing in criminal and constitutional law, our firm has been involved in cases with significant jurisprudential impact, shaping legal precedents in our legal system. Additionally, we handle civil and company matters with expertise, including land ownership disputes, company formation, and intellectual property rights.

With a track record of successfully handling cybercrimes, financial crimes, and matters related to human trafficking and domestic violence, we represent clients in both Supreme Court and District Courts. Our contributions to constitutional interpretation and legal scholarship have been recognized in prominent law reports and national dailies.

Lawyer Hints  is committed to providing pro bono legal services to marginalized communities, ensuring access to justice for all, regardless of background.

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